who is 11
Jakub Krzyżek - the owner of K11 design company. Artist, photographer, educationist and psychosocial skills trainer. Participant of the national and international collective photographic exhibitions. Double winner of the SLOW Conscious People Magazine photo competition and ASF International Fine Art Photography quarterly. Black and white photography enthusiast, geometric form lover as well as original yet straight content enthusiast. Thinker, visionary, follower of the thesis „to look does not mean to see” and a concept of evoking desired emotions in recipients which is considered to be more important than evoking aesthetic aspects. Debater, lover of psychology, sociology, history and human sciences. Perceived by some as stubborn, although prefers to be called substantive defender of his rights. Sensitive with analytical mind. A realistic dreamer. Numerological 11.
who searches for 11
Demanding ones. Those awaiting original and visionary approach. Perfectionists. Those for whom quality is essential.
what 11 can
Starting from a comprehensive brand design, developing communication strategy, ui and ux - generally understood web design. Creating his own art is the most pleasurable for 11. Nonetheless, it is discussion, negotiations and protection of his own values that brings the biggest satisfaction. Many years of exploration and fascination with psychology - especially behavioral one, trainer's qualifications as well as experience gained while conducting trainings allow him to use soft competences in relations with other people. What 11 can? Everything he wants.
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